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2009 Trade Show and Energy Conference

Business executives yesterday said they were hoping to match last year's total of 70 exhibitors at the two-day trade show attached to the upcoming 2009 Energy Conference, with some 25 companies already confirmed.

Frank Comito, the Bahamas Hotel Association's (BHA) executive vice-president, at a press conference to unveil the November 13-14 trade show, emphasised that it was not just designed as a platform for firms in the renewable energy/energy efficient industry, with manufacturers, marketing and public relations firms, food and beverage suppliers, IT firms, financial services providers and tourism-related companies among the 25 already signed-up.

Pointing out that 10,000 persons attended last year's trade show, Mr Comito said: "We hope we can reach the amount last year of having 70 booth exhibitors. It's a great opportunity for companies to showcase their latest product and services, and build strategic alliances with local and international companies."
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BHA Executive Says Renewable Energy Initiatives Needed

The Bahamas needs "to move faster" on renewable energy initiatives and programmes designed to reduce electricity costs, business leaders said yesterday, arguing that import duty exemptions to facilitate efficiency in the sector were not having the desired effect because complementary equipment was still being heavily taxed.
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Tourism Not Expected To Rebound For Another Year

While hotel performance for September and October appears to be "slightly better" than the same period last year, a tourism expert does not expect the industry to fully rebound from the grips of the economic downturn for at least another year.

Bahamas Business Expo And Energy Conference


The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and the Bahamas Hotel Association are bringing together buyers and sellers of goods and services to promote New Business Opportunities and reinforce existing relationships in their annual Bahamas Business Expo & Energy Efficiency Conference.

The event takes place at the Sheraton Cable Beach Resort, Independence Ballroom, Nassau, The Bahamas on Friday, November 13th and Saturday, November 14th.


New US Ambassador Pushes Sustainable Energy

New United States Ambassador to the Bahamas, Nicole Avant, would like to see greater use of sustainable energy in her new host country.

In her first meeting with the media, Ms Avant revealed that alternative and sustainable forms of producing energy is a particular interest of hers.

"I believe we must lay the groundwork to protect the environment in order to ensure future economic prosperity," said the 41-year-old at her Cable Beach home, Liberty Overlook.
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