BHTA Executive Administrator Awarded


Charlotte Knowles-Thompson, executive administrator of the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA), was awarded the Distinguished Administrative Professional Award at the Administrative Professionals Conference hosted by Island Human Resources Enterprises, a local human resources consulting and training firm, on Administrative Professionals’ Day, April 25, 2018.

The award is considered to be one of the highest honors bestowed on administrative professionals and is given to an administrator who has achieved distinction in their chosen field, rendered outstanding service to their community, and rendered outstanding service to, and demonstrated loyal interest in their current role and organization and personal/professional growth, which improves performance of self and organization.

Suzanne Pattusch, executive vice president of the BHTA, wrote the following about Charlotte Knowles-Thompson:
“Charlotte Knowles-Thompson has been a key team member of the BHTA for over a decade. During that time, she has been recognized for her ability to excel in her chosen career. She has grown immensely as the BHTA has evolved, embracing new challenges with determination and a desire to see the projects that she takes on, culminate into unprecedented successes.

“She has displayed tenacity, fortitude and professionalism in her role as administrator, thereby playing an essential role alongside a small cadre of fellow employees, in her organization’s ability to achieve its goals.

“Charlotte is intrinsically motivated and displays considerable proficiency in her ability to guide and nurture young Bahamian professionals who interact with her in varying capacities; for example, she has made in an indelible mark on the lives of many young, burgeoning professionals who participate in international competitions. This too is another inestimable quality of a leader; someone who will go the extra mile to make a difference.

“It is these qualities that put her at the forefront; it is why she has come to be known and respected for the role she plays and why she has earned the award of the Distinguished Administrative Professional 2018.”

From left are Rachel Rolle, Island Human Resources; Dominique Duncanson, Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA); Charlotte Knowles-Thompson, BHTA; Latasha Allen, BHTA and Suzanne Pattusch, BHTA.

May 1, 2018