2018 National Culinary Team Wins Gold


The 2018 National Culinary Team will come home donning a slew of medals including: TEAM GOLD for The Caribbean National Team of the Year Competition; Chef Jamal Small won Gold AND was inducted into the coveted “Hall of Fame” for winning overall “Caribbean Chef of The Year”; Junior Chef Hazen Rolle blazed a trail winning Gold for “Junior Chef of The Year”, he too won overall Junior Chef of the Year and Hall of Fame acclaim, a feat achieved by The Bahamas for the 2nd year in a row!

Chef Celeste Smith won a Silver in the Pastry Chef Competition with a barrier-breaking dessert, and Chef Owen Bain won a Silver in the Beef Competition, followed by Derrick Blackmon’s Bronze in the Bartender Competition and Chef Pratt’s Bronze in Seafood.

One of the highlights of the night was had when Bahamian Junior Chef of the Year, Hazen Rolle was called to the stage to receive the coveted Hans Schenk Commemorative Award for the Most Innovative Dish Utilizing Indigenous Ingredients!

Team Bahamas 305 showcased beautifully at the “Caribbean 305” event; which requires all competing teams to produce indigenous offerings of food and drink to hundreds of attendees. The Bahamian Team had guests lined up from one corner of the room to the next!

The entire competition was intense as Top Chefs and Mixologists from the Caribbean Region competed in a variety of team and individual events throughout the week. The National Culinary Team represented the Bahamas with professionalism, passion and an unimaginably high level of talent, as evidenced by the medley of specialty awards, accolades, Gold, Silver and Bronze medal wins and Hall of Fame inductions.

We are so proud of the National Culinary Team!

Team Bahamas is comprised of:
Chef Devin Johnson Head Team Consultant
Chef Mario Adderley Team Manager
Chef Owen Bain Team Captain
Charlotte Knowles Thompson Team Administrator
Chef Jamal Small
Chef Kevyn Pratt
Chef Asteir Dean
Chef Carvison Pratt
Chef Tamar Rahming
Chef Celeste Smith
Junior Chef Hazen Rolle
Donovan Moss (Apprentice)
Ryan McIntosh (Apprentice)
Mixologist Derrick Blackmon
Alternate Mixologist Chavano Jones

Assisting the Team Were
Chef Emmanuel Gibson Team Advisor
Chef Sally Gaskins Team Advisor
Chef Angel Betancourt Team Advisor

National Culinary Team – Team Gold
Chef Mario Adderley, Apprentice Donovan Moss, Chef Devin Johnson, Chef Celeste Smith, Mixologist Derrick Blackmon, Chef Owen Bain, Chef Jamal Small, Chef Kevyn Pratt and Junior Chef Hazen Rolle


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