'NHI Benefits' Campaign Launched to Outline Services Covered Under Primary Care


On Thursday February 16th, the NHI Secretariat launched the “NHI Benefits” campaign, which educates Bahamians on which services and treatments will be made available under the Primary Care phase of NHI Bahamas. The new campaign aims to increase public awareness of what specific benefits are covered in the Primary Care benefits package, at no cost at point of service to all legal residents of The Bahamas.

Primary Care will cover services including, but not limited to:
•    Doctor visits, such as annual physical exams and counseling
•    Screening for various medical conditions, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and sexually transmitted infections (including HIV), mammograms to screen for breast cancer, prostate testing for men and EKG testing to assess heart function
•    Lab tests
•    Diagnostic imaging
•    Ultrasounds and x-rays
•    Vaccinations
•    Blood tests to check your cholesterol and blood sugar
•    Various medications, including those that help prevent and treat issues like hypertension, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, mental illness and allergies

“As we move forward with the implementation of NHI Bahamas, it is important for Bahamians to know what services they can expect to receive once the Primary Care phase begins,” said Peter Deveaux-Isaacs, Permanent Secretary for National Health Insurance. “For many Bahamians who do not currently have health insurance, Primary Care will allow them to get treatment and services for a variety of conditions at no cost at point of service, which they would have used to pay for themselves.”

It is estimated that around 200,000 Bahamians do not currently have health insurance, meaning they have to pay for health services out of their own pockets. In fact, an average Bahamian household spends approximately $2,000 per year on health care, a cost that many people can simply not afford. The Primary Care phase of NHI will improve access and affordability of primary health care services for Bahamians, and enable persons to catch health issues when they are most treatable and before they become catastrophic.

Registration for Primary Care physicians is ongoing in preparation for Phase 2 of NHI Bahamas – enrolment – during which Bahamians will be able to select their primary health care physician, from either the public or private sector. Phase 3 – Primary Care services – will follow shortly after.

“The success of NHI Bahamas is dependent on the support of Bahamians and physicians. While we continue to receive positive support from the physician community, Bahamians should encourage their doctors to register for NHI so they can select their preferred provider during enrolment,” said Dr. Delon Brennen, NHI Project Manager.

The NHI Secretariat continues to encourage Bahamians who have not already gotten their NIB Smart Card to do so to ensure they are ready for enrolment.

For details on the Primary Care Benefits Package, please review the backgrounder as well as the full Primary Care Benefits Package.