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Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association & The Ministry of Tourism
Caribbean Hotel Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Action – Advanced Program (CHENACT-AP)

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What is CHENACT?
CHENACT is an Energy Efficiency project financed by: IDB, GTZ, CDE, UNEP, BL&P and Government of Barbados. It is being implemented by CTO with the Technical and Operational Support of CHTA/CAST and runs Dec 2009 to October 2010. All BHTA member hotels are eligible to apply to be a part of the project.


  • What is the Objective of CHENACT?
  • The Objective is to improve the competitiveness of small and medium sized hotels (<400 rooms) in the Caribbean Region through improved use of energy, with the emphasis on Renewable Energy and Micro-Generation. The Pilot project is in Barbados.

How will it help Caribbean hotels?

  • Detailed energy audits will be carried out in 30 hotels in Barbados,
  • 18 in the OECS and
  • 5 in the greater Caribbean Region.
  • Walk -Through assessments will be carried out in 35 hotels in Barbados.
  • All hotels in the project will be audited for Ozone Depleting Substances

What are the Benefits to the Industry?

  • More efficient energy use in the Caribbean Hotel Sector
  • Reduced energy costs to hotels
  • Increased competitiveness in the hotel sector through lower Operating Costs
  • Increased use of Renewable Energies
  • Positive Environmental Impacts such as reduction of GHG’s and ODS
  • Positive Environmental footprint will attract more environmentally aware consumers, incl. Tour Operators, i.e. Virgin
  • Micro-Generation will relieve pressure on current energy generation
  • Renewable Energy technologies will diversify the energy matrix
  • Additional revenue may be generated from the sale of carbon emission reduction credits

Who qualifies for CHENACT?

  • All CHTA member hotels
  • Hotels who are interested in participating fully in the process
  • Hotels willing to provide the required information
  • Hotels willing to contribute towards the cost of the audits

What are the Benefits to Participating Hotels?

  • A Comprehensive report on energy usage in the hotel will be produced
  • An analysis of where energy is being used and where wastage is occurring will be done
  • Recommendations on operational or technological changes required to maximize efficiency will be made
  • The audit will complement or enhance Green certification process
  • A communication strategy will market the project and the participants

What is required from participating Hotels?

  • Provision of accommodation, meals and internet access for 2 -3 auditors over 3 – 5 days 9 depending on the size of the hotel)
  • Completion of a pre-audit data collection form, which will be sent to the selected hotels
  • Appointment of a Technical Point of Contact who to facilitate the audit team when on property
  • Cooperation of Management and staff as required
  • Permission to access utility information from the local utility company

What Data should be supplied by hotels?

  • Ownership/ Management structure
  • Key staff names/contacts
  • Number of rooms, Facilities and amenities,
  • Property and Major equipment type/age
  • Recently completed audits/scope
  • Recent environmental certification
  • Property drawings including the property plan, elevations, floor plans and area of the property, etc
  • Info on any planned and approved upgrades or expansion projects at the hotel facilities

Utility usage for the last 2 years for

  • Electrical Energy
  • LPG / Natural Gas
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Water

Occupancy rates for the last 2 years by

  • Guest Nights
  • Room Nights
  • Conference Attendance, if applicable

What should participating hotels expect?

  • An opening meeting with the GM and other staff on the first day of the audit
  • Auditors examining equipment, reviewing records and interviewing staff
  • Auditors running tests, auditors working at night
  • Closing meeting at the end of audit to highlight key recommendations
  • An audit report once fee is paid

What will it cost?

  • Each hotel will be asked to donate 10 winter room nights as a contribution towards the cost of the detailed energy audit, if selected
  • Accommodation ( 3-5 nights), meals and internet access for the auditors
  • Each hotel will be asked to contribute 3 winter room nights as a contribution towards the cost of the Walk- Throughs if selected
  • Lunch for the walk through auditor
  • Staff hours – Chief Engineer or Maintenance Manager and relevant operations staff.

What is the additional major benefit to 3 hotels in Barbados?

  • 3 hotels will be selected to participate in Demonstration projects.
  • Approximately $40,000 worth of RE equipment will be installed in each of the selected hotels
  • The hotels will be selected on the basis of the results of the Energy Audits and with the assistance of the BL&

What else does CHENACT hope to Achieve?

  • An Energy Efficiency Model for hotels in Barbados will be drafted which can be replicated throughout the Caribbean
  • A Clean Energy Policy for the hotel sector in Barbados will be drafted which can be replicated throughout the Caribbean
  • A movement in the hotel sector in Barbados and the Caribbean towards greater Energy Efficiency (EE) and Micro-Generation (MG) through the use of Renewable Energies (RE)

Where do I get further information?

1. On the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association website

2. Loreto Duffy-Mayers
CHENACT Project Manager
CHTA Office -4th Avenue Belleville
St. Michael . Barbados
Tel: 246-4350847, Fax: 246 -4350845
E-mail: chenactproject (at)

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