BHTA Lifetime Director and the Organization’s First Hotelier of the Year Releases Book


NettieTo gain valuable insight into the modern era of tourism in The Bahamas and how a Bahamian through hard work, grit, talent, and a compelling personality overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles and rose to the top of the industry….A Girl Called Nettie is worth a read.

For those who lived through The Bahamas Golden Tourism Age of the 60’s and 70’s, Nettica’s book provides vignettes of both the richness and challenges for a young Bahamian in those times.  The book takes you through her personal journey to build and operate her own hotel, Casuarina’s on Cable Beach, and later become a pioneer in eco-tourism creating the award-winning resort Different of Abaco.

For Bahamians aspiring to grow to the top without forgetting their roots, it’s an inspirational story which will provide personal relevance.  For non-Bahamians wishing to get a glimpse into the lives, character and culture of Bahamians, it’s essential reading.  The book is available in local bookstores and can be purchased through



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