Statement From Stuart Bowe, BHA President, Re Hurricane Sandy

The Bahamas Hotel Association, along with the Ministry of Tourism, continues to monitor the impact of Hurricane Sandy on travel to and from The Bahamas.
On the whole, the impact of Hurricane Sandy on hotel properties throughout The Bahamas appears to be minimal and most hotels throughout The Bahamas are now fully operational.  Several Family Island hotels which normally close briefly during this time of the year report a slight delay in reopening to allow time for cleaning up and repairing minor damage.
The Bahamas Hotel Association hurricane cancellation policy, which was activated prior to the hurricane impacting The Bahamas, remains in effect for those travelers from destinations in the United States which are being affected by Hurricane Sandy in the United States.  This affects travelers presently in The Bahamas who otherwise would’ve departed for their US destination at this time, as well, those planning to depart for The Bahamas from areas whose airports are affected by the hurricane.  Every effort is being made to accommodate stranded travelers and re-accommodate those whose travel plans to The Bahamas have changed due to the hurricane.
Assessments are presently being conducted with hotels throughout The Bahamas to: (1) determine the extent of damage from the storm; and (2) gauge the impact of flight cancellations from major markets in the affected areas in the United States on hotel cancellations.  While we expect some impact on bookings, we are hopeful that this will be minimal as hotels offer alternative arrangements.
Bahamas Hotel Association (BHA)