Notice From The Nassau Airport Development Company

NADTravelers Reminded of Heavy Passenger Traffic at LPIA Over Next Two Weeks
Passengers travelling through Nassau International Airport (LPIA) are reminded to arrive 3 hours before scheduled flight time for the USA.
Recent experience has shown that travel to and through LPIA this winter has been very robust. This means that passengers departing on flights from LPIA to markets in the United States, especially on peak departure days of Saturday/Sunday/Monday, are strongly encouraged to arrive early – three (3) hours before their scheduled departure time, in order to allow themselves adequate time to check-in, and to be processed through Security, then through United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP).
To allow for potentially long lines and still ensure timely departures, passengers should get to the airport early, complete all protocols and enjoy the facilities and amenities such as free wifi.
As we approach other peak travel periods such as Easter, Passover, Memorial Day, leading into the traditionally busy Summer period, it will be important for passengers to plan accordingly for the most efficient and enjoyable airport experience. All hotels are advised to inform their guests of the need for the early departure from their hotel, allowing for traffic as well, so that guests are given every opportunity to travel stress-free.