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Restaurant and Hotel Managers, F&B Directors and Buyers, Chefs, Sous Chefs, Wine Stewards and F&B Interests     

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“2011 Food, Flavor & Beverage Trends:
Growing Revenue and Increasing Customer Traffic”

Tuesday and Wednesday, June 8 – 9, 2011

Learn from leading experts as they share ideas and trends on:
- Delivering high-quality products in a budget-conscious environment
- Fighting rising food prices with new product approaches
- Adapting to changing consumer tastes
- Reinventing traditional Bahamian dishes
- Sustaining our precious seafood resources


For Additional Information Contact

Bridget Murray at 502-4245 or
Latasha Allen at 502-4234.
Sponsored by The Bahamas Hotel Association, in cooperation with the College of The Bahamas, The Bahamas Culinary Association and The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation.

Supported by:  Bahamas Food Services, Bristol Wines and Spirits, Tropic Seafood, the Bahamas Agriculture and Industrial Corporation, Certified Angus Beef, the US Meat Export Council and the US Dairy Export Council.  Workshop sessions organized by Inter-E-Marketing.
2011 – 2012 Food, Flavor & Beverage Trends

presenter - Josué Merced-Reyes
Learn about the top global food, flavor, spirit and wine preferences for 2011 and emerging trends for 2012. A review of what the world’s customer wants, what he/she is willing to pay for and what will bring them in the door.
Science Behind the Sizzle
presenter - Maggie O’Quinn
Taste the difference between the Certified Angus Beef ® brand and commodity USDA Choice, and learn the “Science Behind the Sizzle” of a great steak & factors affecting beef quality. You will discover how to evaluate the value of any beef grade or brand and how to exceed your customers’ expectations. See the hottest U.S. steakhouse trends and how Caribbean chefs are interpreting these trends in their own operations.

Special Luncheon Roundtable Presentation:
Overview of the Lobster Industry in the Bahamas

presenter - Glenn Pritchard
Department of Marine Resources - “MSC Certification,” what is it, how will it impact The Bahamas; Friends of The Environment - “Size Matters Campaign” on the importance of utilizing legal size lobsters;
The Nature Conservancy - “The Fisheries Improvement Plan”- preparing The Bahamas for MSC Certification and creating sustainable fisheries.
Master Butcher Workshop
presenter - Master Butcher Ralph Avila
From knife sharpening (steel to stone basics) to muscle seaming, how to maximize yield and profit in your cut shop. Learn to conduct yield tests and when portion control makes money sense. Participate in breaking down and analyzing the following cuts: Beef Chuck Roll, Beef Shoulder Clod Heart, Beef Top Sirloin Butt, Beef Strip Loin, Pork Loin, Pork Boston Butt, Pork Picnic Cushion. (Participants will break into teams, sharpen knives, and take turns practicing their butchery skills. Please bring personal knife sets to this class!)
Wine Social with The Bahamas Culinary Students Appetizer Sampling
“Low Cost – No Cost” Restaurant & Bar Marketing

presenter - Josué Merced-Reyes
Learn how bars and restaurants around the world are marketing and merchandising their wares; see
how they are applying the latest trends to their business with tactics that require a minimum
investment, while bringing the customers in the door and ideas on how to increase ticket average.

Pork, Lamb and Veal Trends: The Road to Profitability
presenter - Liz Wunderlich
Where are the “meat diamonds in the rough cuts” that can put money back into your menu merchandising? What are some new ideas for staff and banquet meals? And more importantly, what is the science behind what makes pork, lamb and veal tender and juicy and how can you use that to make a menu that will wow both your customers and your accounting department.
10 Ways to Step it Up with Cheese
Chef Jon Ashton and Diahann Smith
There are more than 500 artisanal cheese makers in the U.S. that can help you put your own signature style into every dish. Take advantage of today’s trends and increase your revenue by making cheese the star of the dish; from truffle mac‘n cheese or bacon- wrapped Fontina as side dishes to rum-marinated gorgonzola for desert, there’s something for everyone! Come and learn how to put your own Caribbean twist on U.S. cheese.
Special Luncheon Session
“Alternative and Less Costly Species of Fish”

Glenn Pritchard
How to improve your bottom line with fish alternatives both your chef and customers will enjoy.
Taking Bahamian Dishes to New Heights
Master Chef Augusto Shreiner
Today’s world travelers want comfort foods, foods that are full of home flavors but in a relaxed fine-dining atmosphere. Watch Master Chef Augusto as he “deconstructs and reconstructs” traditional Bahamian national dishes in ways that will save you money and still suggest a higher ticket average.
Special Closing Session Followed by Social
The Mystic of Wine Service and Pairing Wine & Flavors

Josué Merced-Reyes
When ordering a bottle of wine, your customer expects a certain respect for his/her bottle and a service worthy of their selection. Learn about your customers’ “service” expectation, as well as how to pair wines and foods by tasting the differences between wine varietals.

Chef Jon Ashton - Chef Jon Ashton brings life to his cooking by infusing quick wit with wide culinary knowledge. After studying culinary arts in his home county of Great Britain, Ashton moved to the U.S. to further his cooking career. He now travels all over the country to make appearances on shows such as the Today Show, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the Daily Buzz. His authentic love for food has given him the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top chefs and celebrities: Paula Deen, Emeril Lagasse and Martha Stewart. He is also the executive chef for Relish Magazine, through which his simple and seasonal recipes inspire 60 million readers each month. Because of his passion for food and desire to improve eating healthy habits, Ashton has captured the hearts and appetites of audiences all around the globe.
Ralph Avila - Ralph Avila was trained in the early 70s to break down sides in one of Miami’s oldest packing houses, during the last days of “hanging beef.” He received retail training as a meat cutter at Winn Dixie and later owned and operated his own prime shop in Miami and Miami lakes. He also owned and operated his own specialty grocery store and worked for 10 years at Cargill in Miami, in charge of the local and export business. For the past seven years, Ralph has been director of export sales at Buckhead Beef of Florida.
Maggie O’Quinn - As an account executive, Maggie O’Quinn leads Certified Angus Beef brand sales and marketing initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean. She began her career at Certified Angus Beef LLC in 1997 and has enjoyed developing new markets for the brand. She works to build strong relationships with licensed partners whose dedication to the brand is the number one reason for its growing success. O’Quinn has lead the launch of the brand in over 15 markets across the Caribbean and Central America, and has traveled to more than 40 countries in the Western hemisphere and Asia. O’Quinn gained prior experience at the Georgia Beef Board, Universidad del Valle in Guatemala City, in its eco-tourism department and U.S. Senator Sam Nunn’s Washington D.C. office. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Georgia.

Raakesh Madoo - Raakesh Madoo has been a bartender, head bartender, and is a hospitality management lecturer and trainer. He has received multiple competition medals including: Gold Medalist – 2004 Caribbean Bartender of the Year, Culinary Excellence Award from T&T Hotel and Restaurant Association. He has conducted workshops throughout the Caribbean, including Barbados, Curacao, Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico and Trinidad & Tobago, among others. He is a judge in the annual Taste of the Caribbean Competitions in Miami; has been featured on Food Network’s “Rachael Ray” and has published numerous articles on bartending, beverage & hospitality. He has a B.S in management and project management and he currently runs the RMS Institute of Bartending and Mixology in T&T, is a lecturer/trainer at the T&T Hospitality & Tourism Institute as well as for Interemarketing.
Glenn Pritchard – (not pictured) Pritchard began his career in the fish business in 1969 working for Harblenham Ltd., which later changed its name in 1971 to Island Seafood Ltd. The company changed name again in 2000 to BFS & TSF. He is President of Bahamas Food Services & Tropic Seafood, co-chairman of the Fisheries Advisory Board, V.P. BMEA, former Rotarian and multiple Paul Harris Fellow.
Master Chef Augusto Shreiner - Austrian born Augusto Schreiner began his culinary career in his home country. As years went by, he has led numerous hotels and restaurants around the world, as the highest culinary authority and won a myriad of awards. This multiple award winner and began cooking at an Austrian restaurant when he was only 13. He studied culinary arts and sciences in Salzburg and after graduating with honors, worked a year in Salzburg before taking off to France where he worked at the renowned Hotel de Paris. After a stint in Germany, in 1972 Hilton brought him to the Caribbean, first to Curacao and later Colombia. He arrived in 1974 to work at the Caribe Hilton in San Juan. From there he moved to the Condado Beach Hotel as executive chef and back to the Caribe Hilton as executive chef in 1982. In 1988 he purchased Ali-Oli restaurant, which became the very successful and exquisite Augusto’s Cuisine. In 2005 Augusto retired and sold his restaurant to his then sous chef Ariel Rodriguez and started The Art of Cooking School.
Elizabeth A. Wunderlich - For more than 17 years, Liz Wunderlich and her Wunderlich & Associates has worked under the vision laid out by USMEF to develop not only a strong presence and network of relationships on virtually every island in the non-USA Caribbean, but also to supervise the market’s United Export programs. She is an expert in both t

he marketing side (27+ years of experience in public relations, merchandising, promotional execution and evaluation) as well as red meat science (with a B.S. degree in animal science from University of Florida, high individual awards in meats and livestock intercollegiate judging, and Master’s degree work from Texas A&M University in agricultural economics). With a strong family history in agriculture (cattle, sheep, goats), Liz goes beyond other marketing teams because of her passion for the product and respect for the industry. Building demand for and sharing the U.S. industry with the international market is part of the commitment, belief, and personal “drive” that Liz Wunderlich brings to the Caribbean market.
Josué Merced-Reyes - Josué Merced-Reyes is a food, wine and beverage educator, critic, journalist and marketer. He is president of Interemarketing, the Caribbean and Latin American gastronomy and beverage consulting firm that specializes in the hospitality industry. His site,, offers daily food and drink suggestions as well as sharing his passion for easy recipes, culinary tips, wine selections, cocktails and little know restaurants. He is also the host of Pleasures in the Caribbean, a syndicated one-hour radio showcase of food, wine, drink, restaurants and hotels, as well as Buen Vivir, his two-minute English radio series with easy recipes from around the world. An avid traveler, wine aficionado and cook, he is a judge in several international and regional culinary and bartending competitions. Josué has also been published by international food and beverage press. Organized by: Interemarketing Interemarketing is the only food, wine and beverage consulting firm specializing in the entire Caribbean and Latin American hospitality industry, with trade programs, F & B professional seminars, association trainings, as well as promoting products and services we enjoy –developing sales and distribution programs, supported by strategic promotions, education, trade and direct consumer marketing programs. As specialists in the hospitality industry and marketers of food and beverage products and services, we know how to reach your clients in each of the Caribbean markets. And while many see the region as one, we understand the differences and nuances in each of the individual markets and the social, historic and economic realities that motivate each. We understand how the different market consumers think and what they want, as well as each market's F&B professionals. Contact: Josué Merced-R: 787.721.6668,

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