Airport Phase II To Begin March 17

Work on the $138.3 million Phase II stage of the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) redevelopment will begin on Thursday, March 17, with the selective demolition of the existing US departure terminal.

The second stage, which follows completion of work on the first stage - the construction of a new US departures terminal and pier - includes the construction of a 226,000 square foot International Arrivals Terminal and International Departures Pier on the site of what will soon becom the former US departures terminal.

It is scheduled to be opened in late 2012, and will be be followed by a third terminal in 2013.

Contracts have so far been awarded for airside and landside civil work for the international arrivals terminal, inclusive of the parking lots and apron areas.

"There are several contracts in with the Board for approval at the moment, including works for stonework, masonry and carpeting," said Shonalee Johnson, communications manager at the Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD), which is overseeing the airport redevelopment.

Other works that will be undertaken as part of Phase II are: complete demolition of the pier attached to the former US departures terminal and demolition of all electrical and mechanical systems.

The roadway canopy that currently covers the road where visitors, taxis and buses pull in to the airport to load and offload passengers and baggage will be extended.

The roof of the facility will be replaced with a rounded, "barrel vault" type structure similar to that used in the new US departures terminal.

Work on the second stage is set to begin concurrent with the opening of the new US Terminal, which has now been completed. On Saturday, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and Cabinet Ministers toured the $190.8 million facility ahead of its March 16 opening to the travelling public.

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